Spring Break Rentals

There’s only one more day until Spring Break, but there’s still some time to reserve equipment from our rental house for use over the break if you would like. Here’s How :

  • Log in to Media Services’ online reservation tool and reserve the equipment you’d like to rent and set the pick up date for the last business day prior to the break. For 2013 Spring break that would be Friday, March 1st.
  • For the return time, set it to one hour before Media Services closes on the last business day prior to spring break. Using the upcoming 2013 break as an example again, you’d want to set it to 5:00PM on Friday, March 1st because we close at 6:00PM.
  • Build the reservation as you normally would, adding all the equipment you’ll need.
  • Next you’ll want to find the section called “Allocation Notes” and type a note to request permission to rent the equipment over break. You can then confirm your reservation.
  • We take it from there. Media Services will make the necessary overrides to get the request ready.
  • The rental is due back at noon the Monday (March 12) after the break.
For any questions or concerns regarding equipment rental procedures, be sure to check our rental policies!
Happy Spring Break!
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We are the Support Services Team at Champlain College, a consolidation of Media Services and the Computer Help Desk. Our intention is to provide you with a single point to access information related to your computer or AV needs.

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